Purley Chase Centre – A Statement of its Origins and Purpose 

Purley Chase Centre has emerged out of a Christian organisation called the New Jerusalem Church, which began in the late 1700’s. The New Jerusalem Church was established upon the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  

Swedenborg’s definitions of Christianity and Universal Spirituality did not receive a welcome in Swedenborg’s day. However, even though his work was shunned among many along the corridors of theological power, his works had an immense impact upon the shaping of the world as we know it today, especially through poets and artists. In today’s freer world many of the basic precepts of his writings are generally accepted as brilliant common sense. 

Swedenborg’s writings have been called the most comprehensive theological system in the history of the world. They seem to provide most if not all the answers to the questions of ‘Life the Universe and Everything’, which I realise may be construed as a boastful claim.  

The famous Helen Keller Said, “Were I but capable of interpreting to others one-half of the stimulating thoughts and noble sentiments that are buried in Swedenborg’s writings, I should help them more than I am ever likely to in any other way. It would be such a joy to me if I might be the instrument of bringing Swedenborg to a world that is spiritually deaf and blind.” 

Swedenborg remains an extremely enigmatic character. He himself has been described as “beyond genius”. D.T. Suzuki, the great Zen Master and scholar called him “The Buddha of the North”.  

This centre is dedicated to a balanced and objective exploration of Swedenborg’s writings in relation to Christianity and all world religions as they were all ordained by the Lord’s Providence and their purpose is to lead their followers into a good life and heaven.