Welcome to Purley Chase Centre …

a place of spiritual exploration in a safe, caring and restful environment. We have both new events and regular favourites for you this coming year.  Look through this website and you will discover a range of events, workshops and retreats which reflect an engagement with contemporary spirituality for today’s world and which seek to foster a spiritual foundation for our lives.

We hope that at Purley Chase you will experience a sense of community based on mutual respect and sharing. Although Purley exists for serious purposes, the atmosphere is light-hearted. There’s not a lot of pious talk, but plenty of laughter and spontaneity and often some challenges, since these kinds of experiences can touch us deeply. We meet in a place of loving-kindness towards each other in the midst of our human situations. This is what we all have in common and it is more important than what divides us.

The Centre’s spirituality is rooted in what we believe to be an enlightened and balanced approach to Christ-centred spirituality helped by the insights in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. We validate all faiths and welcome open dialogue between people of all religions and those with none at all. We are keen to embrace a spiritual approach that is based upon love, freedom and rationality, and believe we can learn from each other and this can lead to new growth; ultimately bringing peace and harmony into our lives and the world.

Our hope is that those who visit will take something special home with them. In this way coming to Purley is not just a break or escape, but an experience which can carry over as a practical blessing in your everyday life.

Whatever event you choose you will find an open, warm welcome from the team here.  Our aim is to ensure that your physical and spiritual needs are well catered for.

We look forward to welcoming you to Purley Chase Centre soon.

Revd. Alison Southcombe, Programme Leader